The Vermont Gran Fondo


All of my blogs until this point have been about triathlons but I have been starting to dabble in cycling only events and these are proving to be adventurous in and of themselves. In August 2017 I did Tour of the Catskills which was my very first cycling only event and in April 2018 I did Tour of Battenkill which was my first gravel event. And now after completing the Vermont Gran Fondo, it is safe to say I am hooked!

"Gran Fondo" is an Italian phrase and the translation is simply "Big Ride". The Vermont Gran Fondo is 114 Miles over 4-gaps (mountains) with an elevation gain of 11,200ft and it happened to be 97 degrees that day.....if that doesn't fit the definition of "Big Ride" I don't know what does!  I was doing this as a training ride for Ironman Lake Placid so I was riding my tri-bike which certainly garnered some attention from the other riders but unlike Tour of the Catskills, this time I wasn't the only asshole with…

Patriot 70.3 June 16th, 2018

Ahhhh... Patriot 70.3, where it all began! One short year ago this race was my first ever 70.3 and I was scared shitless. Coming into the race this year, I wasn't even nervous having since done three more 70.3's and one 140.6. The biggest difference however was that this was the first time I was racing a "B Race" meaning it hadn't been the main focus of my training. So as goes all of my races, a new experience ultimately leads to a "lesson learned" story and this race was no different.

I know I have mentioned this about triathlon before but I will repeat it again.....Triathlon can be a major mind fuck! You spend an incredible amount of time working on all four disciplines (the 4th being nutrition/fueling) and it still never feels like you have a handle on everything. Some see this as a source of stress. For me, I see it as an exciting challenge. I love data, I love processes, I love learning, so the complicated nature of it is really what attracts me t…