Who Doesn’t Love A Happy Drunk?

I fancy myself a very self-aware individual. Self-aware, confident, and logical. I don’t generally act on a whim so rest assured, if I am saying or doing something, I have weighed the pros/cons and decided to proceed. Some people view my lack of filter and tendency to overshare as being something I am not aware of or some kind of immaturity but I assure you, if I said it, did it, shared it, it was intentional and I am confident enough to own it.

So here I am going through my days with very few cares in the world. I love my husband, I have amazing kids, I’m kick ass at my job, and I have this cool little hobby of endurance training/racing that makes me feel whole.I assure you, what I portray on Facebook is legit. There is no façade, no filter, no fakeness. I am a genuinely happy person. A genuinely happy, self-aware, confident, and logical person. That is, until I recently realized that I am not.

What if I told you that I woke up one day and realized that I have a MAJOR stress in my li…

Swim-Run Casco Bay August 12, 2018

Sarah, Stacy, Mike, Mark and I are standing at the shore of Potanipo after our open water swim and we see someone swimming off in the distance. This person was swimming with paddles and we were all amazed at who it could be. Stacy said it was likely a swim-runner and then she had to explain to me what that was. As the woman reached the beach sure as shit, she was wearing a “Swim-Run USA” swim cap. We spoke to her for a while and she said she was training to do Casco Bay Swim-Run this year for her second year. Needless to say, I was intrigued. It was 7am. I left the beach, drove home and showered, and headed to work. By 9am I was registered!!! So what is Swim-Run? Basically, you start at an island and run across it and then swim to the next one and run across that and so on. You must run in your swim stuff and swim in your run stuff. For this particular race they offer a long and a short course option. Typically Swim-Run is a team event where you have a partner and you are tethered to …

The Vermont Gran Fondo


All of my blogs until this point have been about triathlons but I have been starting to dabble in cycling only events and these are proving to be adventurous in and of themselves. In August 2017 I did Tour of the Catskills which was my very first cycling only event and in April 2018 I did Tour of Battenkill which was my first gravel event. And now after completing the Vermont Gran Fondo, it is safe to say I am hooked!

"Gran Fondo" is an Italian phrase and the translation is simply "Big Ride". The Vermont Gran Fondo is 114 Miles over 4-gaps (mountains) with an elevation gain of 11,200ft and it happened to be 97 degrees that day.....if that doesn't fit the definition of "Big Ride" I don't know what does!  I was doing this as a training ride for Ironman Lake Placid so I was riding my tri-bike which certainly garnered some attention from the other riders but unlike Tour of the Catskills, this time I wasn't the only asshole with…