Dirty Kanza: "Find Your Limit"

I bought my gravel bike in March of 2018 and I instantly started following everything gravel related on social media to see what was out there and what it was all about. I was researching races and reading up on every event starting to make my bucket list. Then came the first weekend in June and Facebook started blowing up with all things Dirty Kanza. Every gravel and bicycling site I followed was posting about this race and I just started reading blogs and listening to podcasts and combing through pictures and I was absolutely mesmerized. This event is billed as "The World's Premier Gravel Race" and the excitement was palatable and I just couldn't get enough. It was at that point that I said "I have to do this race!" and exactly one year later there I was, toeing the line for the 200-mile race.
The rules of the race are simple:   1. You must have a support crew to meet you at mile 64 and mile 151.You are not allowed to race without one and those are the o…

Who Doesn’t Love A Happy Drunk?

I fancy myself a very self-aware individual. Self-aware, confident, and logical. I don’t generally act on a whim so rest assured, if I am saying or doing something, I have weighed the pros/cons and decided to proceed. Some people view my lack of filter and tendency to overshare as being something I am not aware of or some kind of immaturity but I assure you, if I said it, did it, shared it, it was intentional and I am confident enough to own it.

So here I am going through my days with very few cares in the world. I love my husband, I have amazing kids, I’m kick ass at my job, and I have this cool little hobby of endurance training/racing that makes me feel whole.I assure you, what I portray on Facebook is legit. There is no façade, no filter, no fakeness. I am a genuinely happy person. A genuinely happy, self-aware, confident, and logical person. That is, until I recently realized that I am not.

What if I told you that I woke up one day and realized that I have a MAJOR stress in my li…